Biotecta is applicable for any natural, untreated, fiber like wood, paper, cardboard, palm tree leaves etc.

Any natural fiber can be treated with Bioteca like paper, cardboard, palm tree leaves etc.

Testing shows that these kind of wood are treatable with Biotecta.

Biotecta is a water based varnish.

Depending on the wood (softwood more so than hardwood) it penetrates up to 2 mm (1/16 inch).

The European tests EN 13986-2004 reached a B1,s1, the and UNI 8457:2010 reached class 1. The North American test ASTM E-84 reached an A rating.

Biotecta does not contains any chemical pesticides or biocides.

Biotecta is made with all-natural, non-toxic ingredients. It has zero VOC and is safe for the environment.


It depends on the size and nature of the job. It can be applied by brush or roller. It also can be dipped, or in an industrial environment, it can be sprayed.

Biotecta is dry to touch within minutes. For further applications we recommend a curing time of 12 hours. Biotecta is cured enough for water exposure (e.g. outdoors, sauna) after 2 months, except it is treated with Biotecta H+ hardener, then it’s cured after 12 hours.

Use as little Biotecta as possible. It will penetrate the fibers immediately (i.e., wood). Any excess Biotecta will remain as a residue on the surface and can be easily wiped off with a cloth before drying.

Yes, once dry Biotecta can be painted over with any lacquer or paint.

In its liquid state Biotecta has a high PH level, with the accompanying high PH cautions, but as soon as it’s cured on the chosen material (generally in a couple of minutes) there is no longer any danger.

Immediately after spilling it can be washed out with water (use water only). If it dries unwashed, it will leave behind a hard spot (having hardened the clothes fibers).

If you come in contact with liquid Biotecta, just wash it off immediately with water (plain water is all that is needed).

Biotecta only has to be applied once. It will continue to cure indefinitely and will become a stronger protection over time.

Yes, Biotecta is effective against mold and insects (when Biotecta is applied to wood in its raw and natural state and not, in any way, pretreated with any coating).

The coverage depends on the nature of the wood and the application method. It is between 20 – 40 m2 (215 – 430 sq.ft.) per 1 liter (1 quart).


The fire, mold, termite and UV protection is immediate for indoor applications. For outdoor applications it has to be cured for 2 months (including water repellency), unless it is additionally treated with quick-curing Biotecta H+, then the protection is immediate.

Always only use water to clean anything that had contact with Biotecta. As faster as better. If you let it harden, it’s tougher to clean it off.

Store only in plastic containers with an airtight seal.

Biotecta has to be stored above freezing (0 C/32 F) and at a maximum of 50 Celsius (122 F). It also must be stored in a sealed plastic container.

We recommend usage within 2 years, but if it is stored within appropriate temperatures, under regular conditions and in a sealed container it can be longer.

We can deliver Biotecta in containers between 5 lt (1 gal) to 1000 lt. (264 gal).

Biotecta V3 is not considered dangerous goods for shipping by air, sea or land.