Biotecta® H+ is an application for fast curing of Biotecta®. It may take up to 2 months, depending on temperature and humidity, to cure Biotecta® sufficiently to expose it to water (like rain, moisture). Applying Biotecta® H+ will hasten curing to a mere 24 hours.

The application is possible as soon as Biotecta®  is hand dry (usually a couple of minutes). Apply as little as possible with a brush, roller or by spraying. After a maximum drying period of 24 hours you may expose the treated product to moisture. ASTM D-859 test results performed by Oregon State University shows that the use of Biotecta® H+ leads to a 35-fold reduction in Biotecta® leaching.

Use the same precautions as indicated for the regular Biotecta® application.